What we do

We are The Leighton Linslade Paranormal Research Society. Although the group formed in 2006 by brothers Mark Brown & Darren Brown, we officially launched the Website on Friday 13th February 2009!


We are a paranormal investigation team, with a keen interest to capture evidence of any paranormal activity. We use an extensive range of modern scientific equipment to help capture evidence of the paranormal alongside traditional tried and tested methods of research.

We will listen to your experiences, we will setup a range of equipment to begin trying to recreate, prove or disprove (and debunk) the occurrences that have been affecting you. We will share our findings and present any evidence with you and try to explain happenings (either normal or paranormal), offering further advise and support.

We are looking for exciting locations to carry out investigations primarily within the Herts, Beds and Bucks area however we often travel throughout the UK.

We normally carry out our investigations at weekends, typically Saturday evening to Sunday morning (however we are flexible and can investigate on weekdays). We would like an informal interview with any witnesses, a tour of hotspots of any activity and then we would setup equipment in those areas. Once the information is gathered, we would analyse the evidence and report back any findings.

We would appreciate your permission to release any evidence via our website www.llprs.co.uk which we welcome you to look at for an overview of our services and information from previous investigations.


Our investigations are carried out in the strictest of confidence

We will not share our findings without the express permission of our Clients

We will never reveal or disclose any personal information

We are a non-profit organisation and will not charge for our services.


Take the first step, we will do all we can to help you…