Clophill Church




St Mary’s Church in Clophill is located in a small hamlet between Bedford and Luton, in the South East of England. The abandoned Church is estimated to be up to 400 years old, but was replaced by a Victorian church built in 1848 in the centre of the Village, rendering it obsolete. 

The Church made it onto the British headlines in the 1960s when it was alleged that Satanic rituals had gone on within the Church. In fact, what had actually happened was that graves has been desecrated and remains scattered around the graveyard. A similar incident in the 1970s again included the scattering of bones throughout the Church yard.

The site has been a fairground of paranormal activity and unwanted attention since the attraction given to the site by the exaggerated stories in the press. It attracts visitors from far and wide looking for ghosts and other paranormal activity.


In our first audio recording, we believe we have captured a knock/footstep on wood, however there is no wood remaining within the ruins of Clophill.




In our second audio recording you will hear a response, again a knocking sound




We are currently trying to recreate the captured phenomena caught on this photo



The device that our Investigator is holding is a Tri-Field EMF Meter. What’s unusual in this image is that it only occurred on the first two photos taken from over one hundred throughout the evening. The Tri-Field meter does emit small lights from LEDs however these are green and red in colour – as you will see the light captured in this image is yellow. We have re-take pictures in the same light conditions, with the same camera while our Investigator is using the same device and we are so far unable to recreate this.